The Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering aims primarily to equip its students to design automated production systems using numerical control machines and robots, to test materials and monitor the quality of products, to organize and manage production and to design and maintain thermal structures and systems.

During the course students can develop their skills in Engineering and specialize in Mechanics and they will acquire the knowledge needed to analyse, calculate, design and test machines, industrial installations, hydraulic and thermal engines, industrial structures and constructions, and production systems.

The Master of Mechanical Engineering is designed to provide you with the latest technological knowledge and industrial management skills, at an advanced level of study, in specific aspects of mechanical engineering that are in demand from industry. The course also provides you with a strategic overview of engineering and management skills necessary to take on leadership roles in major engineering projects.

The programme will provide a broad and in-depth understanding of mechanical design engineering, modern materials application and advanced manufacturing technology. You will employ advanced computer-based mechanical engineering design analysis and problem solving, using cutting-edge technologies such as finite elements analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and mechanism design analysis and control. What's more, you will develop the entrepreneurial management and business skills necessary to take on leadership roles in major engineering projects.